Sarah Yamout: “Resale Business” will Play Important Roles in the Future

    In recent months, the world has witnessed many recent commercial and economic phenomena that have dominated the public scene in the largest countries, which came as a result of the current financial fact compelled globally after the spread of the corona pandemic and the recent beginning of the Russian crisis.

    “The resale and secondhand market is booming and it will play vital roles in the future,” said Sarah Yamout, co-founder of Prime Luxury Outfit, about one of the broadly widespread phenomena at the moment within the global business community, mainly in the field of fashion.

    Sarah mentioned that the rise in prices of goods, including fashion, has pushed many towards second-hand clothing and fashion because it provides the consumer with decent standards and reasonable prices that suit all strata of society. For instance, middle-income earners can purchase a wide range of luxury, high-quality and comprehensive fashion for major brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and others through second-hand fashion.

    She also added that the consumers’ prominent belief around the world is based on the fact that second-hand fashion is of low quality that cannot be used, which strongly contradicts the tangibility and content, as the second-hand clothes marketed by companies such as Prime Luxury Outfit have the specifications of luxury fashion from the well-known international brands in tremendous contradiction with what the consumer believes in this context.

    Sarah also pointed out that the shifting toward second-hand fashion into the markets as one of the most significant elements of fashion is not only the result of prices but also the major incentive that recycling, which is the cornerstone of this trade, contributes to preserving the environment, as the consumer goes towards these products to support environmental protection and service; and get rid of the phenomenon of dumping clothes, which according to statistics is one of the most hazardous factors threatening the environment.

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