Rebel 2022: prospects of entering North Africa following successful Nouaman Belaiachi partnership

    Global brand Rebel could potentially raise its market share following an immensely successful partnership with singer-songwriter Nouaman Belaiachi. Entering North Africa could represent a milestone for the brand’s global presence, amplifying its exponential growth. Given the population density in Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Tunis, alongside additional countries in North Africa, the possible expansion could largely contribute to the brand’s sales growth.

    After the recent release of Nouaman Belaiachi’s new music video for his song “Goulo Lhabibi” in which the Rebel energy drink appears, the global brand has raised its popularity in the region. The video has achieved tremendous success, casting attention on the unique Rebel Camouflage energy drink.

    Singer-songwriter Belaiachi is massively popular in the Arab scene and represents one of the most reputable artists in the industry. “By teaming up with a distinctive, brilliant artist like Belaiachi, we are leveraging Rebel’s presence and building awareness of the brand’s image in North Africa. Through this unique partnership, we hope to expand our Rebel family in the region and increase our market share throughout 2022,” stated CEO & Founder of Rebel Atef Hazime.

    After the promising start that Rebel displayed through its global partnership with international Spanish-Moroccan football player Zouhair Feddal, this new collaboration with Belaiachi in Morocco represents another major step that can pave the way for the expansion of the global brand within North Africa. Indeed, the energy beverages industry is a fast-growing market; the world is witnessing an increasing demand for energy beverages, including in Africa. As per Mordor Intelligence, the Africa Energy Drinks Market is estimated to register a CAGR of 3.9%, by 2025. “Energy drinks serve the energy, nutrition, and hydration needs of consumers. There is an increase in the demand for energy drinks, primarily due to the inclusion of stimulants, natural ingredients, and additives.”

    Rebel Inc. is a health-conscious, functional brand that benefits consumers and cares about their wellbeing. The energy drink manufactured in the EU contains less sugar and is rich in essential vitamins and high-quality components.

    Rebel is infused with essential B-vitamins (Niacin, B12, and B6), which healthily guarantee the desired energy boost. It contains a moderate yet sufficient caffeine dose of 32 mg/100 ml. The great-tasting Rebel energy drink comes in several refreshing flavors: Fresh Mojito, Cranberry, and Tutti Frutti. The global brand also offers a sugar-free option for consumers that are looking to cut down their sugar intake.






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